We’re the Youth Platform of the European Talent Support Network. We represent the interests of the students and alumni of Talent Centres and Talent Points in (as of January 2017) 18 countries across Europe and Asia..  Each Talent Centre/Talent Point can nominate a maximum of four members to become part of the Platform.

We work to improve education for and create connections between the talented students we represent. We seek to influence gifted education policy by providing a youth perspective to governments and teaching bodies. We promote and facilitate collaboration between Talent Centres and Talent Points, as well as working on various projects requiring international collaboration. We are currently organising the European Youth Summit in Budapest in March-April 2017.

We were established after the Youth Summit in Vienna in March 2016 by the European Talent Support Network., supported by the European Council of High Ability.

We can be contacted at youthplatform@echa.info and are accepting qualified applicants. To qualify, applicants must:

  • Be aged between 14 and 30
  • Speak English competently
  • Be willing to devote time to the projects of the Youth Platform
  • Be identified as gifted/talented by a Talent Centre/Talent Point

„Proti hluposti se bojovat musí, ale vyhrát se nedá!“ Jan Werich